Snowy Saturday II

Posted on January 19, 2019


Quantity of snow is less, so far but it’s a tad nastier.   WIndier and it’s going to get wicked cold tonight and tomorrow and Monday.

So!  This weekend I’ve got rations stored, nobody around. Priority one:   Get the “quick first half of times tables” usable in the LMS.

Maybe that should be priority 1 and a half, though, behind spending time seeing if I can put something together that would work from my website.

I think I need to forego the many platforms like WordPress, Moodle…  and see if I can do some kind of grid where I can have things appear and disappear for retrieval practice…

… but first to finish getting stuff off the car.   Last week I couldn’t bring myself to driving to church — and walked about a mile of the route — but it was in teh 20’s and tomorrow may be single digits.   Still, I have layers and the plows are out and busy.   We’ll see 🙂   (I will *not* let somebody else’s fondness for that phrase dissuade me from using it…)

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