Snowy Saturday, just a vent…

Posted on January 12, 2019


Shoveled!   Will take bus to the union party tonight… but roads are pretty nice.   (Okay, will probably take bus, unless helmet gets on head as it sometimes does.)

I wish I knew why searching files doesn’t work any more.   I pulled up my flash drive, searched for *.xcf — GIMP files — and sorted by date modified.   The “most recent” – at least 8 months old.  Since I saved files there yesterday…  so when I went into a folder well, yes, yesterdays files are there, labeled as “GIMP files,” and with yesterday’s date.

GIMP is even nastier.   No, I can’t say “open” and look through folders.   I get a few recent files that I can choose from.  When I don’t remember exactly what I was calling things because no, this isn’t my full time job… and I can’t ask others who do this because no, this isn’t my full time job… it is frustrating.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that I can’t search for a string in a name anymore.   If I put in chart I only get files that start with chart.  When I try “num”  — then I’ll see numchart.  Take me back to the good old days when computers weren’t as “smart,” PLEASE!!!




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