Okay, now it’s really the new year

Posted on January 9, 2019


Argh!   Re-learning the “if you’re doing a repetitive task, you’re probably doing it wrong” lesson which I was thinking while I was making array images, none of which I can find.  The GIMP interface for “export as” confounds me.   I cannot figure out where a file is going.  I have to save it and then search for it.

Now, I have successfully learned to Just Make Them Again a little more quickly.

And… I’m almost done the “twos.”   And I think I know how to do cool things with quizzes… Okay, I’ve done the ppts but … whilst I have the laptop, I don’t have the adapter so I can’t do the 2-monitor thing.

… but I promised I would also look at H5P… but … it requires plugin which we don’t have here.   Perhaps on the Canvas thing, but … perhaps I need to keep digging for Just Plain HTML5.


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