Posted on January 9, 2019


Yesterday I solved at least most of the”can’t find the internet” problem (it will find the ‘open’ connection at work).   I left the power cord at work and didn’t have the juice to check it out at home… and the old one decided I must do the April 2018 Windows update.

Side effect:   This opened up BING which happened to have the Tools For The Times Tables workbook up.   Oh, my, I’ve learned a lot since then!   (Mainly… to USE FEWER WORDS…)   It’s 193 pages…. I’m thinking of doing a major trim job — but perhaps to offer both and see what happens.   First thing is change to CC-BY 🙂

Figured out Some Stuff and have *almost* 5’s done.

Now, I once again left the adapter at home but am striving for a modicum of focus.  I’m also considering making this “course” in two separate parts… pausing after 0, 1, 10, 2 and 5 on the grounds that those facts open lots of doors (especially with common percents and fraction and ‘reducing decimal to simplest fraction’ tasks), it breaks things up, and I might have a chance to get that sharable by Friday.   Hmmm.

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