Happy New Year!

Posted on January 3, 2019


Okay, going to make a list on a post-it note and start chipping away at minutiae, but first!  twitter says Desmos is hiring.    Yea, even the page abotu working there reminds me how “silicon valley culture” they are (e.g., the prize for a contest at TMC18 being one of their folks making a video saying he knows you and people cheering madly for that), but their stated stuff that’s important?   Awesome 🙂   ACCESSIBILITY 🙂 🙂

So, what say they about …. cognitive accessibility?

I was reminded about how much little things matter when somebody posted surprise at seeing in the Open Up Math stuff  an “equals chain” something like this:

9 + 8 x 3 = 9 + 24 = 33

and I remembered how many times I’ve taught students to write things in separate rows — that the textbook people are trying to save space but… it is the difference betwen “it’s a mess of symbols” (feeding the “math is something somebody else put together to make me feel stupid” lessons ) and “it makes sense”  (“I have this power! I can do this!”) when they write it like so:

9 + 8 x 3

9 + 24


(especially if they make marks to show that the 8 x 3 turns into 24).

… I have brought the ailing computer and the headphones and can hopefully make progress on The  Times Tables With Number Sense Thing.   I’m surprised at what I’m remembering that I learned from learning my times tables — extending the idea that if 5 x 6 is 30, 6 x 6 is 36 and being able to have sort of a mental number line to put things on… and being able to do that with oh, if 6 x 60 is 360, then 6 x 59 would be 354…. no, I wasn’t born doing that stuff.   It was acquired.