Yea, I’m *that* guy.

Posted on December 21, 2018


Yes, I griped at Sal Khan’s statement about the “average” student wanting to get out of class early (C level student? or… did you mean “typical”?)

When a tweet stated that a site got a certain number of  hits, downloads … “every. single. day.”   — oh, and it’s an educational resources site — I griped.   I even called it an innumerate falsehood… and I was told that yes, it was actually an average.   It’s being corrected.

I’ve posted a positive finale (because yes, it *would* be cool to analyze the data in a  math class — data about learning stuff!)  but of course experience teaches me that despite the positive emails I might be considered a hater and bad for everything and everybody… but call me a total nerd, put the “T not F” in my Meyers-Briggs (I’m a “Thinker” not a “Feeler”).   I’ve stood up for averages 🙂

(Reminiscent of when I replied to the job description for the phonics stories by correcting their word selection:   if you care more about me correcting you than you getting it right, I don’t want to work for you.)


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