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Posted on December 21, 2018


Just because I’m distractible doesn’t  mean I

Not only was the previous post a time-chomping distraction, I noticed I got hits on the “saturday” post and … it was tagged “Camtasia,” and … didn’t include anything abou tmy frustrations with Camtasia. (I took the tag off.)

Note to self:   Tags bring more traffic than most social media.

I did get my “intro” video redone (the *first* first impression should be upbeat and … it wasn’t) *and* captioned.   I timed it at 12 minutes but actually didn’t get the whole thing done in that time but I insist on setting a good example.

I distracted myslef looking up how to do stuff in Cobra LMS  and … seems I can access my work ocmputer from home if I call it by its full name.   This could come in handy. Still, I did someserious file handoffs.

I had thought I had to get my paperwork in for a Thing today but I just had to get the “I’m going to get the paperwork it” in.   I *did* get two people to go in on it with me.   It’s another long shot (like the Oregon job) thing but since it’s a fact that people don’t know what I do it’s a golden opportunity to *tell* them what I do (and they’ll hear it from five people!)   … unless it didn’t really get in on time or something.

Rode the car thing and passed half a dozen folks on bicycles and the guy I greet at Church and State did not recognize me in the car.   I can’t wait to be free of the thing.



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