Saturday :)

Posted on December 15, 2018


Goal for this break:   to figure out a conscious system for working on the assorted projects.   I have been sometimes actually successful at letting others take care of students for an hour or two.

Today’s task is to look through our Cobra Math course and plan out a four week version of a “class.”

In my pre-9:00 social media survey someone retweeted a link to this Heinemann re-statement of their copyright thing, stating that if you made a teacher thing related to their stuff and then shared / sold it, that was not cool.

Heinemann’s authors have devoted their entire careers to developing the unique content in their works, and their written expression is protected by copyright law. We respectfully ask that you do not adapt, reuse, or copy anything on third-party (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) lesson sharing websites.

Contrast this with Open Up Resources    used by Illustrative Math, which is OER … and has a repository where teachers are *encouraged* to share what they adapt and derive and there’s a place to send them to be shared.

Sigh.   Need that conscious system b/c I just spent an hour answering a math thing on twitter *knowing* if I didn’t do it right away it would disappear.   Hmm.   STICKY NOTES???   doing…. it’s 11:55 … let’s see!

Sigh… still having major issues w/ “what folder is crap in???”    which should be Task 1 when I go back Monday a.m. (yes, I left the pink UHALF2 drive …. I hope there…)  The thing I did stick up on google drive was the ‘save as’ before … doing anything.

I dove into Cobra to describe my little course-to-be and am debating mentioning the Heinemann book that includes some of the examples of “routines for reasoning” inspiring    some of the exercises.   Their blurb implies I should not be sharing this.

Although the seller simply intends to offer fellow teachers something ready-made to save time, the material is sometimes downloaded and used by teachers who do not have the original material and will therefore lose sight of the related purpose, intention, and research basis.

So… we should *not* learn, build and share knowledge — because somebody *might* not have … purchased their book.   I think they should do a little research on their own:   perhaps people would, like me, see something created that was inspired by the book and *based on that* purchase the book. It’s from a publisher I know to have published the stuff of ‘who needs research, this feels good!’ approach to “teaching”  which means I won’t buy something without lots of evidence of something better.  (Byy the way, methods can’t be copyrighted anyway.)   The wonderful book is Routines for Reasoning    Go ahead and get the hard copy 🙂

No apologies, though, for sharing what I learn from it.