Posted on December 10, 2018


I’ve been following https://tapintoteenminds.com/   for a while.   It’s all about sense-making 🙂

I just filled out a Google Form because I got email to it and they want to have conversations w/ people about challenges in instruction.

I talked about the need for teaching with real hands-on … because when it’s no, *really,* literally hands on manipulating, not seeing on a screen, not writing about it, not even watching really good visuals… it makes a difference.   Makes a “make or break” difference for a certain group of students and … did I mention I like the “let’s try to reach 100%” design approach per Jack Routman?

While I was filling it in… interrupted by student finishing practice assessment who placed low, doesn’t know times tables.

Next interruption?  Student reviewing Venn Diagram.   I’m willing to bet … that this is a classic example of something that would stick better if they worked w/ actual *things* in those circles.   Student remembered to fill in “both,” but … couldn’t get to “how do I figure out only?”

Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not a match for what they’re looking for but in keeping with “Seize chances to give elevator talk!”  I did w/ link to The Cognitively Accessible Math Project Thing

Some students just need a good story… my first person came in w/ exam question and my more vivid explanation of it got “I think you epiphanized me!”

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