Posted on December 2, 2018


>25 visits to site.  Was that related to being at hte OER SUmmit at College of DuPage?  From 9 to 3 — we left before the “breakout sessions” which were about implementing OER and A:  TRAFFIC and B:   we’re not ready to implement.   We’re at “what’s OER?”

It’s “wait wait don’t tell me” time and they had somebody in Agile Rascal Bicycling Tour Theater  call in 🙂   I’m pretty sure they came to Urbana w/ a puppet show some time or other.   They’re looking for folks for a 2019 tour, by the way!

Storms on the way but it’s well above freezing so just lightning and thunder… 5% chance of tornadoes.   (I wonder if they actually tornadize 1 time in 20 in hindsight.)

Today is:   “make the zero powerpoint video.”   Except… Camtasia doesn’t work.  screen-cast-o-matic  does so I recorded the fail… and … just recorded two takes of it… but I’m not *quite* happy with it.   That said, I think I want rough drafts of as much as possible…

So the zeroes shows multiplication as repeated addition and on the number line (not going anywhere fast 🙂 ) … and as a multiplication expression (with the x between things).

Ones will introduce the commutative property…   think I’ll wait on doing the different ways of writing times.   I think w/ tens I’ll add arrays — and have to contemplate whether to have it as arrays of ten… or to break the array up at least visually.

Yes, in the spirit of that article saying it’s more important to know half is 50% than 3×2 digit multiplying, in my story about multiplying by one, Mizea (rhymes with Isaiah)… there’s a morning bike ride half mile out and half mile back, and that’s how we get the “one mile.”

Now, let’s see whether the flash drives have the files and whether the flash drives are here because it is *not* insanelyl busy right now.   It has been … crazy.   Credit card disapparated and yes, somebody made charges but yes, I had to spend five minutes playing wiht automated drivel to get to a human who because “they are updating” couldn’t access my account.






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