Minesweeper subitizing and motor memory

Posted on November 28, 2018


So back in the day my little addiction was Minesweeper.   Somebody just posted about it and how there was some luck but once you cleared a few, you just had to count the numbers.

I thought, “I didn’t count the numbers.  I …  … subitized…”  but didn’t know what that word was back then.

I searched and found a game and … couldn’t remember how to do it.   I didn’t know which ones were clear.   How did I do that?  Why was I clicking on mines?

I clicked for the original style display and … motor memory kicked in and I right-clicked to ID the  mines.

This verbal gerbil had learned that stuff to so  much automaticity (trust me, it was verbal when I was figuring it out!)  that … I didn’t *have* the verbal there to access and fall back on.   I “just knew it.”  Now, even when I couldn’t remember that I was supposed to identify mines with my clicks, too, I could verbalize where the mines were… but… I’m thinking about how this applies to learning math.

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