Posted on November 24, 2018


… the weather is jjust ambiguous enough between here and Culpeper to preclude traveling there for the few hours visit I often take on Saturday After T-day.   (CUlpeper has some nifty local shoppes)

That means … playing with HTML5 and CSS… and trying to figure out … how to make a table, a “hundreds chart” that I could play with while wondering whether I would be better off snatching myself from the “figure out the code” zone and try to get into the ‘make a good short video about multiplying by zero’ zone.   I really really really want the interactive though.   Right now I can’t figure out how to make a “cell” div that would hold text … and have the text show up *in* the div.   It seems to me that if it’s “in” that container, it should look like it’s in that container.   Why, when I make the font a little bigger, does it dump it under the space?   HTML5 table attempt


Doctor Google hath come through via this little page where in a line of sample code it said margin: auto and the comment /* important.   */     Yea, verily … that was the key to keep it from imposing whatever margin things were shoving the text down below.   I borrowed the borders, too… html5 table attempt success

Now to finish it up (and put the right numbers in it 🙂 )

Done!   That said, I cannot find any links to stuff inside my site to  other stuff inside my site that work.  The links are external (link to “” rather than ….yadayada.html on the ones I found, and I have lots of dead image links.

And it’s time to call it a night but … it would seem that a pseudo-class would let me say “make every fifth cell have a different background color.”

You can also specify numeric formulas, such as “every fifth element,” which is indicated as a value of (5n):

:pseudo-class(5n) {}


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