Posted on November 14, 2018


Last week a student came in to prep for assessment.   I was ‘snatching myself bald-headed’ saying, “no, finish the assessment.  If you don’t know it, *then* you’ll get to practice it.”  No, the student really really really wanted to get things right based on fragments of misremembered procedures… I was bemoaning that procedural background (not U.S. though), bemoaning the anxiety and need to GET IT RIGHT…

Today – working w/ the procedural program … but with basic problems (not the scattershot of the assessment)… I heard so many questions about why?? what does this mean???   🙂 🙂 🙂   That’s the formula for volume, but … why???

Now, my big why is … why can’t ALEKS have more conceptual instruction?   … and also “why did the student change perspective?  Can I put it in a bottle?”   Perhaps (as the Stigler interviews found)… it’s in our human nature to want to understand, but when we’re in over our heads … we settle for “what do you want me to do to get this over with?”