Posted on October 28, 2018


Whereas, my well-tagged adding video got visits and average watch time was over a minute (whole thing is 2:04)… absolute value is way ahead of everybody else… it’s also well tagged including the word “khan.”    Time for an experiment 🙂

… also awash in cool resources.   New York’s  TABE concepts  is a good summary, although it might also be like I forget which other test where the practice books had lots of problems of different sorts and the actual test was Fractions Everywhere. (Note to self:  your project is *not* materials for TABE 11/12 practice.   The first module is number sense and addition facts/ mental math… then multiplication because that’s the great gaping void.)   Also found “how to make a quiz with javascript”   from what looks like a little class project for somebody… who then moved on, unlike me so their youtube channel isn’t a scrambled stroganoff…

And finally, I registered for this “DesignedLearning” community, from CAST.  Not sure at all what it is all about but since The Thing I Need is community… this door seems *very* worthy of receiving a knock.

Now time to have a little focus…



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