Posted on October 26, 2018


It’s 4:36 but I’m going to start making *playlists* of what I have in Youtube as a Thing I Can Do When I Don’t Have Time To DO Anything, an d… I noticed my “beginning of addition facts” gets hits.

I’m going to try to use NanoWrimo as a “go crazy in November and get this done!”  even tho’ it’s not a novel.   Hoping that jury duty doesn’t turn into something onerous… and no, I can’t bring *anything* electronic there.   Spiral notebooks R Us.

(also, this!  Did I post it already in this morning’s frenzy?  A new blog post about teaching division to older students w/ digital manipulatives, acknowledging that it’s a substitute for the real thing… somebody who is smart enough to know that yes, the actual stuff in your hands is significantly different?   (Reminding me of same…)   Hope to hear more!!


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