Cognitive Accessibility thing

Posted on October 26, 2018


In the “no, this wasn’t how I learned it, but it’s better” category:

When figuring out decimal places, start with 1 just as you would with the whole numbers.

There can only be 1 “1,” right?   IF it was 10/10 that would be the same as 1…   it is grounded more in the concepts and helps with recognizing where the decimal is in relation to zeroes (this a.m. a student wrestled w/ 3 and 3/4 as decimal, writing it as 3.075 because when she put in 3/4 it said 0.75).

Just dropped in on a session in the “virtual conference” for COABE.   It didn’t cost me anything  (well, I expect, except my membership in COABE — which is $45 annual … NCTM is $89 by the way *but* w/ newbie rate $59 for first 2 years) .

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