OpenEd18 Debriefing ;)

Posted on October 13, 2018


Not really a brain dump b/c I’m not going to spend that much time. Maybe. (9:20 here.)

My theme:  math was everywhere.

I’m going to work backwards.   Lots of conference ppl on all the plane trips.  We are economic impact!   Wonder if somebody would work w/ our airport so we could have it here w/o flooding things.   Whole planefuls of OER people!!!   Chatted w/ soils science prof going into Chicago who has made a lab book to save Ss money.

Math infusion:   his students struggled w/ dimensional analysis.   That’s the stuff, to our Math Literacy and Pre-Algebra students, is the “cancel out the units conversions.”   He described givign them 25 foot rope to translate into different units.

So they do that in the college class and don’t do it in developmental classes?

I got to the airport via A+ Cab.   Yes, it was the “fifty dollar flat fee,” which I called for that morning.   In fact, so many people were leaving at 4-ish that I could have latched on w/ others. The same group that we’d Ubered in w/ for ten bucks each was there.   As I told   the cabbie, though, I wasn’t going to do that… though I wish I’d pushed and grabbed a few more people to get on the van.   There really were plenty of people needing rides… at any rate, he started out all formal and servile but it took less than two minutes for him to change his accent and talk about cabbie stuff (I told him my brother had driven a cab). He was a “problem child,” dyslexic,  and math infusion at 16 in seventh grade… they pulled him out of school and… set him up to memorize his times tables and sit with  third and fourth grade math books and do tons of worksheets.

Oh, by the way, it worked.   Now, he really *learned* the math …  ith weights and measures of small amounts of produce to buy and sell.     But drill and practice *did not* destroy his love for math, but opened it up as somethign to play with.

Yes I think it’s important that … he was 16 and his brain was ready to integrate the memorizing with wider knowledge and … even more important — this worked for *him.*   Still, it was strong anecdotal support for … going that direction in my stuff.

He suggested strongly that I use flash cards.   (Probably also important:   *** I don’t think things were ever timed *** and no, he wasn’t in a classroom where it was competitive.)

Oh, the conference???

The last session I attended, almost to the end… was …

okay,  worth a new post.



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