“A broader vision for OER”

Posted on October 13, 2018


This was the final session that I attended (2;45-345; I bugged out 3:30 b/c taxi comign at 4:00).

It seems to me that the folks who want to “decolonize” things tend to be in the humanities or the more tech-oriented ones (yes, there were fascinating sessions about data analysis and privacy… the “access code” barriers to learning because who can afford them and what data is it gleaning about you).

There was talk about wanting to serve marginalized students.

Again, back to the opening session:   Who are we leaving behind?   When are we content to fail?

Math, people.   Math.   We are perfectly happy with millions of people having their careers limited and their ability to get along in the world compromised because they haven’t learned math well.

If I could rewind I’d have raised my hand to ask the “uncommon women” in that session what impact they felt math had on their students’ success and if they thought there were things that could be done about it.  No, our current course structures don’t address it well.   (See the thread about that.  )   Imagine if math courses weren’t great clanging roadblocks… imagine free, well constructed, interactive, accessible resources that would enable students to sign up for college courses and be that student everybody marvels at b/c they “get this stuff.”

Let me go peek again at H5P… but I think Geogebra will be better b/c H5P is more aimed at humanities kinds of things.

. Have used up allotted “rabbit hole” time.   Going in search of different rabbit holes (and the winter clothes…)