Extra Effort…

Posted on October 3, 2018


Yesterday I got out of the building *just* after six (when my workday ends Tuesdays), b/c the fire alarm was insisting we depart.   Guiding a student to the bus stop (finding it from the closest exit a challenge) I met w/ a math instructor wondering how to best handle students who were overwhelmed by fractions who of course also didn’t know any multiplication facts.

So yes, I want to make that module but … how to get folks to use it?

I’m not even sure it’s an issue, given that people will sign up for all kinds of things and given if it’s designed well it could be as addictive as Candy Crush.

However, it made me ponder a different kind of “Honors” program.   What about a “don’t have a catchy name for it yet” program for students who deserve recognition for the extra time and effort they’re putting in, even if it doesn’t get “stellar” results?   The ones who had to travel 45 allegorical miles of learning to achieve a C, when the student w/ a 95 had to travel 15 allegorical miles of learning?  (And also the ones like D. who got top grades and the instructor had *no idea* how many hours spent down here wrestling those concepts to the ground…)

It’s quiet this second, so … sneak in some work on said module…