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“A broader vision for OER”

October 13, 2018


This was the final session that I attended (2;45-345; I bugged out 3:30 b/c taxi comign at 4:00). It seems to me that the folks who want to “decolonize” things tend to be in the humanities or the more tech-oriented ones (yes, there were fascinating sessions about data analysis and privacy… the “access code” barriers […]

OpenEd18 Debriefing ;)

October 13, 2018


Not really a brain dump b/c I’m not going to spend that much time. Maybe. (9:20 here.) My theme:  math was everywhere. I’m going to work backwards.   Lots of conference ppl on all the plane trips.  We are economic impact!   Wonder if somebody would work w/ our airport so we could have it here w/o […]

Thursday Morning

October 10, 2018


Editable Presentation Document – first session     the document for my roundtable tomorrow. Editable Presentation Document – second session  is another copy of the same one for the second half. Annotated LIst of Adult Ed Math Resources – Last Post (with links to previous) of summary of research on adult ed and math   

Extra Effort…

October 3, 2018


Yesterday I got out of the building *just* after six (when my workday ends Tuesdays), b/c the fire alarm was insisting we depart.   Guiding a student to the bus stop (finding it from the closest exit a challenge) I met w/ a math instructor wondering how to best handle students who were overwhelmed by fractions […]