“just do it”

Posted on September 22, 2018


I coined this phrase in 1986 to get through my procrastination problems in grad school, pre-NIke.

I went to Canvas (Instructure’s online course platform that has a “free for teachers” option) thinking — this can be the platform (as well as D2L because that’s what my institution uses).  The wild dream is that people would use it enough for Canvas to imagine this is a good idea as a gateway drug.

OF course, the huge huge huge issues are all those “little” problems w/ Canvas, but that can be ameliorated by designing the course so it *doesn’t* have to be done online; it can be a “teacher resource.”

I found my link to a Scottsdale Basic Arithmetic course.   Active course dates: Active Course Dates: Feb 4, 2013 – May 3, 2013…. so was it a one-off?   Why?   (Possibly because, it seems, it spends about five minutes on each thing as a “quick procedural review.” The structures and support, though, seem pretty excellent.)

The nice thing is this class has like all kinds of organizational STUFF.   It’s got a stealable skeleton.

I looked up the college and … no, it’s not a one-off.  They still teach Basic ARithmetic –which led me to *another*  workbook     with yes!  visuals … but not with the structure and practice … and yes, I need to stop questioning whether I should do this (has it been done already?  Is the other stuff good enough?) and … get back to it 🙂

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