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Posted on September 12, 2018


Sigh, yes, there’s a new edition of Math Literacy.   Sigh, yes, it still has the same editing standards for the computer part as the other one, which is to say:   lousy.   Problems that the right answer is marked wrong, and when you click on “show example” or “solution” it throws NaN errors (so the “answer”, in the student view, is:   NaN)  It shows the ‘right answer’ as things like .9999999999 .

No, this isn’t OER.  Students are paying big bucks to be beta testers.   Sorry, I’m not going to pretend to like it.

Now, I wouldn’t like it any more if it were free.  Sorry,  “oh, quality!  it’s all relative!  We do as well as non OER so it’s good enough!”   is bogus.   Guess which particular students will be able to work around those little errors?   Hint:  it’s not random.  Granted, if it were OER, I could edit it.

That said, they do a pretty darned good progression in the lessons on the new stuff, which is stats.   They ask appropriate “obvious” questions before getting to the interpretive stuff.   They “show example” part almost always works…

…. and one of my most “just tell me what to sya!”  students was going to do that but … then they *did* actually see something in the patterns to tlak about 🙂   THey had figured out that if the perimeter of a rectangular something (I don’t remember what but it was a real something) was 36 feet and the width was 6, then the length had to be 12.   They were to use natural numbers to figure out the other combinations.

Most assignments just stop with “figure out the length” and they do the formula and okay, fine.

Nope, first they had to find the other combinations with natural numbers that would get that perimeter.

*Then* they used Excel to sort the length from small to big and … observe.

Student honestly thought it was all kinds of cool how one went up and one went down.   They hadn’t been asked to notice things about the area but … they put it in (hey, it’s “fill down”)  and noticed … hey, the middle one is 36 and then it’s matched pairs working out and “oh, cool!!”

Now, we need to make the ratio of cool to crying just a whole lot better, people.




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