Quality matters, N+1

Posted on August 22, 2018


Again, no, this isn’t OER but…

When a aproblem has a bar graph, horizontal, and we can’t see anything past 70, and the axes aren’t labeled… the student may not know that the axes are percents.

Okay, though, since the question was about percents, it’s not that big of an assumption.

On the other hand, if you’re supposed to say which slice on the pie chart has the largest percentage… and *two* of them have the same, largest answer because your program isn’t set up to exclude duplicates, that’s a lower quality product than one that does.

If one is confident about the math, one can separate the frustrations and even recognize that that’s a bad question.   Guess what?   Lots of students aren’t confident about the math.

That said, a good day… met with lots of people and most of ’em left happy.   Sigh, I had to “reboot” in the morning … apologize to student for being cranky and walk into my office to get my patience… WHICH WORKED I’m happy to say (and it’s a long-time student but alas, a first-timer was in the room for parts w/0 the reboot).

Now time for bike ride… only got one more slide onto the “why we need this” but I’ve at least *gotten* to the “evidence that they need the basics.”   Need to figure out how much to go into with it.   Problem is that explaining assessments that aren’t highly procedural-dependent … takes… explaining.


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