Posted on August 13, 2018


… is to take actual quiet time and NOT blog, but Geogebra.   So!   I read two awesome articles during the opening address for the school year (which was the typical recitation of how much money we made and how much we’re going to spend on awesome technology and facilities improvements — none of that people stuff!)… but… soon…

Geogebra thinking:   with just two things I can say “if first is right, “checkFirstRight” is true”… and then the “check second” will check for the other one.   I *should* be able to do a thing with lists to make this work for like 8 of them… where there’s a “done” list and a “not done” list.  LOL a painfully exponential mess, though, because it’s right if *one* of the things is true *and* the rest of them are false.  (So I could make *another* list – a “check the rest” list –  and take the one out and if all of them are false we’re okay…)      I am absolutely sure somebody else would think on this totally differently and long for a collaborator.

I’m also going to get the binary version done first 😛

Note:   if it starts a new line on you, it’s a new script.   You have to fix it.   Also:  start the names of thingies of the same kind with the same thing (checkedFirstRight and checkedSecondRight, as oppsed to firstRightChecked, secondRightChecked) so they’re together on the list.

If then else *works* (as does doing separate if then   if not then….)   and… we can nest.  And   seems to be a book of tutorials for creating, which I tripped over finding “nested if” tutorial…

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