tagless not!

Posted on August 12, 2018


… yes, tagging posts seems to get a few more clicks.   This one … no, won’t be tagless b/c I’ll want to find this blog post about Illustrative Math again.   https://arithmeticplus.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/introducing-algebra/   asks questions I have lurking in my mind.   She sees the same patterns I do — students who can work with the visual / concrete / conceptual presentation and then end up doing “what looks right” with solving equations, including subtracting 3 from both sides for 3x = 27.

She also found some ideas that are sort of like number lines from somebody named Don Steward. .. which is why I’ll need to find that post again!!!  She shares a MESS of things… but it’s time for me to get a few miles in…  made some Geogebra progress … but arrgh, I need to find a way to get “quiet enough to figure out code” in the picture when school starts.

And… THE PROJECT…  need to get past “soft opening,” and … put things out for real …


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