NROC … sorry, not sorry?

Posted on August 6, 2018


NROC — OER for remedial math and English — – had a little webinar today. They talked about being a movement, not a product.   They’re pushing hard for people to be members.   They say cool things… and then those phrases slide in about how people just need some review.   When I commented that wasn’t true for many, the reply was that yea, that made things hard as colleges tried to speed things up and trim the numbers of students in developmental classes.

Welp, individuals can’t be members anyway — they’re all tied in to ACT’s rules so it’s institutional.   They’re “open” but … corporate owned, and … probably reasonably satisfied with what they’re contributing (which is, by the way, pretty good :)).

I’ve sent “call for participants” to LINCs and a bike riding friend who’s in the ed department at the U.     Next:   #mtbos?

The new teacher of our “Highway Construction Careers Training Program”  came by and wnats to refer folks.   YAY!   She talked about people who didn’t have the math skills to get in… I talked a certain course I’m designing…




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