Posted on August 3, 2018


Penultimate 3-day weekend. HOt but I”m gonna get out ther e and ride a bit anyway b/c Wednesday was the first and got 34 miles and want the inspiration to carry on at least a *day* longer.  700 mile month?

Of couirse spending too much time on Twitter… new follower and wondering if maybe I should just …  not filter politics so much even if some math people leave, tho’ … I don’t have much protection should I trigger true trolls.

BIGGER AGGRAVATION:   seems I didn’t save my mods to Geogebra Wednesday.   That said,   I *did* take the usual copious notes and … Google Docs History tells me exactly which lines they were since I was walking through  a previous version and, guess what?   This is a pretty darned good learning strategy for yours truly.   So!   Ride and pray…peace, people! …  then… erm… yes… write up the “Call for _______”  for the things I want to happen in my project and then … erm… yes… SEND THREE OF ‘EM OUT THERE.

… erm… no, they’re not gone now.   There is something weird about the relationship of “activities” and “applets,” though if I make something it is called an activity regardless.   Hmmm.

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