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Posted on August 1, 2018


(‘dem bones… the Mary Ellen Carter… and this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42F12OUTkIo   )

Tomorrow is “help with STAR” across the way.

Blog read of the day: “Nothing new, Just a Review, Part 2:” wherein the blogger says he likes to start each day with a low-stakes quiz because that’ retrieval, thank you. And it’s a good thing that the MAT (whatever that is) he works for … has all lessons beginning w/ short tests so “pupils now accept” them.

I appreciate that he then explores how to do it well, instead of the typical “do this one thing!” approach.   I also appreciate that this is a different name for the “drill” that is so disdained by many as a waste of time (esp for the students “behind” who… need it most…)

I think it can be applied to math, though not necessarily as “quiz,” right away.

His tips?

  1.  Prioritize.   Don’t make ’em trivia.
  2. Have them *connect* to the day’s lesson.   Well, IMHO pretty much all math connects, and it’s important to go ‘way ‘way back sometimes.
  3. “Test the disciplinary as well as the substantive.”   His examples are “Write the opening sentence to the following essay question” and “improve this sentence by introducing evidence to support it,” and he includes that the concepts should have been explicitly taught and modelled.   “Connecting Representations” would probably fit in here, especially if it were something like “what are 3 ways to represent 2 + 3 = 5” or the equivalent….
  4. Vary the style — that’s easy to do w/ instructional routines 🙂
  5. Go from the retrieval to deeper exploration.     He says he’s pretty sure other history teachers do this naturally — you get a quick answer, then … go a little deeper…  well, I’m not sure math teachers do this as naturally.


Going to think about this designing lessons, which I should get to today…



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