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:) Rolling :)

August 27, 2018


Yes!  I have a little almost down time after lunch! Student will be coming in tomorrow because linear vs. exponential is not clear.  So, is there anything out there that’s not procedural? Khan Academy  , no surprise… is procedural and explains assuming you know what everything means.   The video is pretty explicitly designed to Teach […]

A few slides about “why I think we need to do this.”

August 26, 2018


Okay, I thought I was done and then imagined sharing this with real people and had to add one more slide… but now This Link will get you to a slew of quotes and notes that I think provide evidence of the need for cognitively accessible math.  So… time for the “next steps” — which […]

Friday, whew!

August 24, 2018


Welp, Wednesday and Thursday were both Too Busy To Breathe days.   TOday I said “No” to subbing (  it’s been so long that I’ve “taught a class” that I have this insane idea that I wouldn’t know what to do…)   and it’s been quieter — it’s also raining hard.   (Left early on the bicycle to […]

Quality matters, N+1

August 22, 2018


Again, no, this isn’t OER but… When a aproblem has a bar graph, horizontal, and we can’t see anything past 70, and the axes aren’t labeled… the student may not know that the axes are percents. Okay, though, since the question was about percents, it’s not that big of an assumption. On the other hand, […]

Quality can be objective.

August 21, 2018


Quality matters, peeps. So there’s an exercise taking survey data and filling in a chart w/ percent and number of degrees on the little circle. 3/26 students had some opinion about math.   THis translates into 0.115384615… or 11.5%.   Students are to round to the nearest tenth of a percent, and to the nearest whole degree. […]

Article N + 1

August 14, 2018


This is scholarly so it’s not another “nobody knows math! they shouldn’t have to!”  blurge…  Considering a Technological Redesign of Developmental Mathematics? It’s Sixes got me through this morning’s “beginning of year address” from our college prez.   From 2012, it’s a bit of a summary. The “sixes” does mean six of one (good things), half a […]

Got it! (Cognitive Accessibility Example)

August 14, 2018


I can’t find the exact tweet that started the thread, but somebody posted a problem something like this: There are potatoes.   They’re 99 % water.   There’s 100 Kg of these potatoes. They get dehydrated.   Now the concentration of potato (not water) is 2%. How much water did we get rid of? It gave the answer right […]


August 13, 2018


… is to take actual quiet time and NOT blog, but Geogebra.   So!   I read two awesome articles during the opening address for the school year (which was the typical recitation of how much money we made and how much we’re going to spend on awesome technology and facilities improvements — none of that people […]

tagless not!

August 12, 2018


… yes, tagging posts seems to get a few more clicks.   This one … no, won’t be tagless b/c I’ll want to find this blog post about Illustrative Math again.   asks questions I have lurking in my mind.   She sees the same patterns I do — students who can work with the visual / concrete […]

It’s yesterday’s tomorrow!

August 10, 2018


This Luminary Labs article describes projects that were in a contest they had.   They look amazing and awesome, including Smart Sparrow,  which seems to be a learning platform for making online stuff.   It’s free for up to 5 students, too and touts drag and drop for interactivity.   I *think* this is a great way to […]