Posted on July 31, 2018


Among the thorns?

I *did* get my infographic —  mostly info, not much graphic but telling my self that is not a priority and to let it go… though… realizing linking to *it* and not the project itself  is pretty close to useless.


I didn’t get to Geogebra.   I *will* on the morrow.  I need to figure out the number line “share for Illustrative Math” one and make sure it works… and then prepare to … send out the ‘call out’ messages… “throw it up the flagpole and see who salutes!”   and know I’m going to make egregious errors… August 10 is the next “call-in,” so … hopefully I’ll have some fish on the line (or saluters at the flag where I’ve hoisted the fish?)…

Can I get an award for overuse of passive verbs in that infographic?