Posted on July 22, 2018


SOme years ago I decided to go to a “let’s get the online people togehter” thing with some bicycling online friends, despite … oh, of course for me they *aren’t* the ‘typical’ anxieties!   I’m not typical!  (… and that is true, actually.)   I went and we had a great time.

I used that memory when I tossed my name into the TMC lottery in that 36-hour window of opportunity, and when I considered letting somebody else have the chance.

This reminded me of our “Faculty SUmmer Institute” — at least the way it was before The Impasse (when the state didn’t *have* a budget, so things like that were cut to Zero). We used the I-Hotel and … teachers shared stuff.   There were also product sessions but they were clearly defined as such, usually.  There was some swag but… Plastic swag from China …        TMC18  swaG?   Some tote bags, BUTTONS and STICKERS from each other 🙂 🙂   …. and lot and lots of sharing and learning.

I’d misread the format and thought “same sessions as the other day” meant presenters did the same thing and people could move around.   I like “three days by two hours” a *whole* lot better.

I just peeked at the pic of Sunday and … it’s not empty.   That’s the other big difference in the feel of this thing.  People go to go to the whole thing; there’s no vendors booth where everybody’s packing up early because nobody’s still there anyway.

Still, 190 bucks a night for the hotel part — that’s pretty gentrified.  HOwever, *I’m* gentrified enough so that I didn’t explore other options (I did trim it w/ roommate).   On the third hand, that’s such a big expensive deal.

Meeting @ people face to face — awesome 🙂   More on that later…

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