Almost rolling!

Posted on July 11, 2018


Going to make me some printable number line activities, and hten … figure out how to organize the sharing process.   Hmmm.   Perhaps on my site and then on Canvas comunity?

I decided to use color — but from color-blind-friendly palette and not meaning-dependent. And I forgot to use it for the numbers.   Maybe next time 🙂

The lines w/ the blanks are the ones I just made///




*and* I have uploaded some of those to my very own domain,  and fixed five of the images and got my very own individual “favico” on there — the tasks taking fewer than two hours.    Huzzah! Still… content is more important. Also dropped in on Canvas.  Hmmm…. a module there… tomorrow, perhaps?

And one more!  Because they shouldn’t all be same size hatch marks… NumLineByFives

Now to check the other POTF (Pots On The Fire…)

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