long drive!

Posted on July 7, 2018


Got in the car thing and drove to Maryland.   Boring 🙂

I have peeked at the program for OpenEd18 once it loaded.  I don’t know if I would have been as annoyed at howlong it took if it hadn’t said it might take “several seconds” and then if log in wasn’t working that it would take 30 seconds to reset login information.   No, it took over 10 minutes for each task.   Yes, I’m from that tiny faction of humans for whom honesty is a virtue, so I know it’s weird, but I’m holding on to it.   Basic web design:   don’t say “coming soon!” or “under construction” on one’s website.

Got to scrawl pages of notes on what I’ll talk about at said conf. at 8:30 thursday morning. Yes, it’ll change 🙂  Many thoughts on OER as “infrastructure” vs. OER as vehicle for transmission in need of infrastructure…  and when I’m at a bigger computer than the 8″ traveller, I’ll prbly take a look at other sessions.   I see lots with “math” and “accessibility.”

Speaking of Math… Twitter Math Camp in two weeks.   I’m reading blog post from IllustrativeMath community builder person and how important #mtbos is and thinking “90 people is such a teeny tiny fraction!”   as far as TMC goes, but gotta go see what it is.   Pondering communoities and fandoms and…  they’re looking for people to *apply* to be “gurus.”   Not sure that’s the name I would give but it reminds me of what had the LD ONline forum healthy and amazing for those years aroud 1997-2002 — a core of active listeners and posters with good mediating skills.   Could htat happen here?   I know there weren’t more than 10 of us and it wasn’t too much b/c there were… ten of us.   Oh, and those homeschooling forums…  let’s see what the gender/ race demographics end up being 😉

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