summer doldrums

Posted on July 3, 2018


my visit stats are now under ten for the past week so the bars are pretty high!

Saw a link to a zoom meeting about which is the technology so that you can annotate and highlight stuff that’s online and share it… except I was third person and the other two guys were talking about stuff around the house.   I clicked back in ten minutes later and I think 3 people?   Sorry, ducking out.   If I could more discreetly lurk I might have (and I’m grateful I was on the desk computer so just my name shows up, no video, no sound), but … intimidating!

I’d hve felt less conspicuous had there been something like ‘content’ on the screen, not just other folks’ faces.   Hmm.  NOte to self: Remember that 😉

Got captioning done.   NOw to focus and prioritize.


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