Sight reading

Posted on July 2, 2018


Yes! Found the focus to get actually started last night.

Practiced those first 3 open strings individually and then, oh no!   the “duets” were a mixture!  … which was the right thing to do.  My ear was “hearing” the note when seeing the note.   I remember learning to type — it’s time and training to get the magic short circuit between language and fingers, *probably.*   (Words and music aren’t the same part of the brain…)   Today I found myself wanting to hum the notes (thankfully I can hum low E :)) and hey, sight reading for singing as a side effect would be kinda nice, esp. if stuff’s on treble clef.

Okay, won’t tweet this and perturb the snowflakes, but the “simple screencast” idea is … frustrating.   I saw this happen at the workshop, too.    I’m learning things like “okay, don’t try to get the text to take up two lines” and I can behave accordingly but I don’t want to have the video go forever including all the caveats.   Still, it’s done albeit w/ lousy audio (sigh, I’d practiced it lots at home so I just “did it” here.)  (linking not embedding just because).

And I also got this little guy going and 35% captioned (and *after* I got that far, *now* the automatic captions are showing but I think perchance that’s because that takes a little while.   Note to self: I estimate it took 20 minutes to do the first minute.   Want to measure whether it’s faster to do it straight up or edit the ‘automatic’ ones, grateful I have a good voice recognition voice. I’ll time it tomorrow — it’s time to go 🙂

There’s the other one… embedding … not sure why 😉


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