Directions :)

Posted on July 1, 2018


Which way am I traveling?  N,S,E W?

Can I have some instructions to guide me there?

I posted that we’d done a thing on geogebra and got responses from people (who weren’t at the thing) so I’m thinkin’  … let’s get together 🙂

In the meantime I found this post “Trust the Count”  which *teaches* students to get past counting.   I work with folks who are solidly stuck counting because hey, it gets them there.   Sometimes I have to teach them when to start w/ 0, and when to start w/ 1.   I’ve been just stumped with how to get them past that (in the same way I was stumped w/ teaching reading comprehension — for me, “you just know!”).

Okay, time to make a screencast… because I want to get automatic at that.   I totally, totally get now that it’s 10 times as hard to make one w/ sound.

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