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July 12, 2018


Going to start w/ “integers early” version and an interactive “let’s put these degrees where they’d be on the thermometer” thing. There are 31 activities that come up on Geogebra when I search for “thermometer,” including 1 from Illustrative Math that has an activity with a word problem, where you can use the activity to […]

Almost rolling!

July 11, 2018


Going to make me some printable number line activities, and hten … figure out how to organize the sharing process.   Hmmm.   Perhaps on my site and then on Canvas comunity? I decided to use color — but from color-blind-friendly palette and not meaning-dependent. And I forgot to use it for the numbers.   Maybe next time […]

Camtasia is in :)

July 9, 2018


I’d decided that if oh, things looked like traction was happening I’d upgrade Camtasia.   $84 and it’s on my laptop and work computer since we’re allowed two places (just not to be used at the same time).   This is awesome b/c toting the laptop and then rewiring so I hve the two monitor scenario gets […]

long drive!

July 7, 2018


Got in the car thing and drove to Maryland.   Boring 🙂 I have peeked at the program for OpenEd18 once it loaded.  I don’t know if I would have been as annoyed at howlong it took if it hadn’t said it might take “several seconds” and then if log in wasn’t working that it would […]

summer doldrums

July 3, 2018


my visit stats are now under ten for the past week so the bars are pretty high! Saw a link to a zoom meeting about which is the technology so that you can annotate and highlight stuff that’s online and share it… except I was third person and the other two guys were talking […]

Sight reading

July 2, 2018


Yes! Found the focus to get actually started last night. Practiced those first 3 open strings individually and then, oh no!   the “duets” were a mixture!  … which was the right thing to do.  My ear was “hearing” the note when seeing the note.   I remember learning to type — it’s time and training to […]

Directions :)

July 1, 2018


Which way am I traveling?  N,S,E W? Can I have some instructions to guide me there? I posted that we’d done a thing on geogebra and got responses from people (who weren’t at the thing) so I’m thinkin’  … let’s get together 🙂 In the meantime I found this post “Trust the Count”  which *teaches* […]