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July 31, 2018


Among the thorns? I *did* get my infographic —  mostly info, not much graphic but telling my self that is not a priority and to let it go… though… realizing linking to *it* and not the project itself  is pretty close to useless. I didn’t get to Geogebra.   I *will* on the morrow.  I need to […]


July 31, 2018


Need to think about an idea I had on the ride in.   Can one of my activities be:   *Learn* the geogebra it takes to make certain kinds of activities?   Say, a four-week exploration of making …  number drags and image drags to support routines like counting and connected representations? Hmmm! Time to sign a birthday […]

Geogebra again :)

July 30, 2018

0 is my latest adventure in Geogebra. I took the 10 homework problems from our “Transitions” course and arranged for those exact problems to be randomly picked (I made “lists” of each number, picked a random element number, and grabbed that same element from each of the two lists). It’s two numbers, not 5 like my […]

A week!

July 28, 2018


… a full week since I posted the generic “TMC18” post. The fascinating thing that happened was coming back… spent lots of time on the drive trying to focus in on what to say in October for that proposal talking about Adult Ed, Math, and OER at OpenEd18. I spent some time on the conference […]


July 22, 2018


SOme years ago I decided to go to a “let’s get the online people togehter” thing with some bicycling online friends, despite … oh, of course for me they *aren’t* the ‘typical’ anxieties!   I’m not typical!  (… and that is true, actually.)   I went and we had a great time. I used that memory when […]

Article N + 1

July 16, 2018

0   “Reflections on Mathematics Teaching and How To IMprove It.” This reminds me of the MTT2K winning movie:   What if Khan Academy was Made In Japan?    The article noted that across countries, teaching tended to be done the same way, which surprised them.    The “second truth” was that … there’s more than one way […]


July 12, 2018


Going to start w/ “integers early” version and an interactive “let’s put these degrees where they’d be on the thermometer” thing. There are 31 activities that come up on Geogebra when I search for “thermometer,” including 1 from Illustrative Math that has an activity with a word problem, where you can use the activity to […]

Almost rolling!

July 11, 2018


Going to make me some printable number line activities, and hten … figure out how to organize the sharing process.   Hmmm.   Perhaps on my site and then on Canvas comunity? I decided to use color — but from color-blind-friendly palette and not meaning-dependent. And I forgot to use it for the numbers.   Maybe next time […]

Camtasia is in :)

July 9, 2018


I’d decided that if oh, things looked like traction was happening I’d upgrade Camtasia.   $84 and it’s on my laptop and work computer since we’re allowed two places (just not to be used at the same time).   This is awesome b/c toting the laptop and then rewiring so I hve the two monitor scenario gets […]

long drive!

July 7, 2018


Got in the car thing and drove to Maryland.   Boring 🙂 I have peeked at the program for OpenEd18 once it loaded.  I don’t know if I would have been as annoyed at howlong it took if it hadn’t said it might take “several seconds” and then if log in wasn’t working that it would […]