quick reflection

Posted on June 26, 2018


Day 1 of the Geogebra 2-day workshop in.

Lots and lots observed and learned.

I remembered from Animation that … trying to follow w/ computer splits my brain and I do better watching, thinking, taking actual notes … and then *doing* stuff later.   Plus much was stuff I already know.

All every bit of that aside, the conference world is DIFFERENT now b/c we can connect later and have follow through.   Let’s see if we can make that happen.

OH!  one more thing and I hope it doesn’t fall out of the brain again.   I think maybe it might be useful to inform about OER in this context since this is OER but people may or may not know what that means. Erm, yes, I”m picturing two days with five sessions instead of all together 😉  .

… update… the other takeaway :   that as important as the tech was the “I do this w/ students in pairs; one as driver and one as navigator.   So navigator has to say what to do, driver does it.”

also the next year … remembering the “tech retreat” concept where the breakout sessions are totally open not a presenter, but a topic w/ facilitator

Oh!  And the 10 minute quick intros 2 minutes to change tables thingies!

and the folder with stuff and names and contacts


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