So big!

Posted on June 22, 2018


Okay, I didn’t ride out to shop yet becasue it’s just raining and raining.   Will just put on the raincoat….

… downloaded Audacity and am doing same for Aptana.   I have the UDL guidelines and the “six strategies for effective learning,” and … decided to make an infographic of my own for the Structured, Multisensory part.   I don’t really know how wedded I am to that.  There’s the “I can at least make something good” idea, but … I really think that if people are ready for the UDL and the “effective learning strategies,” then framing them in a structured, multisensory way is a natural extension, not a “disruptive” tangent.

However!   I didn’t really want to squander too many hours on … an infographic… and …  inaccessible.   I made the V-A-K icon in less than 20 minutes tho’ it’s pretty awful.   The other stuff is from the template w/ alternative energy theme. infographic about math principles

Still, I’m thinking this kind of road map might be useful for informing people what I’m really trying to do, bolstered by an example — but the example has to be bigger than one or two lessons.   I need enough to make clear just how much time is devoted to review and drill, and … honestly, how much more efficent it gets after oh, a week or two.

I probably should make another infographic with examples of how I’d apply some of the “routines” to my tasks but… right now… 5:00 and time to get off computer.