Friday Freeday :)

Posted on June 22, 2018


First of 8 four day weeks and this year I get all 8 (often vacation falls on the first of them).  It’s like a secret Sabbath 😉

Yesterday I distracted w/  a D2L webinar about “motion infographics,” a.k.a. animated GIFS — that thing I want to do w/ math concepts.   Well, they used Maya and Adobe products — and I’m pretty sure the audience were, like me, not pro developers w/ skills w/ those tools. Questions included “is there a free trial?” and no, open source options weren’t mentioned.    It happened while I was on vacation — and I am pretty sure it was set up so no, people couldn’t chat with *each other* and share that kind of info in backchat.

A quick Google search nets me a DS106 page about creating animated GIFS w/ open source stuff.   I already know that DS106 is a Thing that OER People are Into.    DS stands for Digital Storytelling… and … a “how to do a mask” 🙂  🙂

Now to *make*  🙂

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