Posted on June 18, 2018


I’m writing up the “background” for this OER math project.   “Explain how the project came about…”   well, that would take a page or two…

I wanted to link to UDL principles and noticed they “have a new home” 

and that their chart still outlines “Provide multiple means of…” representation, action and expression, and engagement.”

In the new page, engagement has been bumped from III to I.

Can I get an Amen????

I looked at the video about it and… it’s with the old order, and he makes several references to “kids.”

With adults, engagement … is primary.

Now, I had to do ‘snippy tool’ to get the new order because … if I try to print the thing from their site, it’s six pages of accessible text.  UPDATE:   but twitter says “look to the right and click on “download” — Lots of options!”  (including discussion that the guidelines aren’t “correct” 😉 )

Yes, one of the down sides of “UDL” is that my need for a chart that’s just an outline isn’t met by six pages of accessible text.   So, I found a poster for the old order to do that.

Still, I’m thinking this could be a great framework for my #OER project.

And newUDL chart