Subtle ways tech doesn’t have to be rote

Posted on June 7, 2018


So student saw 7v – 4v and … put 3^v in as the answer, because the box to the right had that as an option.

Yes, training students to think about the math, not about strategies for figuring what the answer might be because of the options provided can take a while.  This gave me the opportunity to explicitly instruct … be\cause yes, student was aware 7v meant 7 times v and … I got to remind that raising to a power would have been 7 x 7 not 7 x 2 if v represented 2.

(Now, coordinate graphs… not so easy…)

Zoom meeting this morning about “Beta Project.”  On Lunch Laps the wheels told me to work w/ what I have — chap 1 of Transitions — and oh, bring in cool stuff from other good open stuff and definitely have sharing stuff that blends well w/ other OER.   Past time to focus this good day…

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