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Posted on June 4, 2018


SO i dabbled into a 15-day course on OER and yesterday’s reading was about the tendence throughout history — as in including the middle ages, etc.  — education would wax open (e.g., when education was deemed a gift from the deity and therefore must be freely shared)… but then tend towards less openness.

Microsoft bought GitHub.

Time to dive into this week.   Dreamed Saturday night that there was a Patch Adams (whom I saw at the grocery store Saturday afternoon) event that I thought I wanted to attend but didn’t get the logistics together for, but then I was hanging around, somebody else didn’t move forward so I was waved on in… wherein I did assorted things I can’t remember now in a state of confusion as to what was going on and where I should go and what I should do.   Yes, my dreams are obvious 😉

In my mailbox:   a webinar tomorrow about selfadvocacy skills and self determination in the era of personalized learning.   I registered and asked two questions:   how could I support students when “personalized” just meant some students had to do a whole lot more, and b:  how could I find other people trying to make math more cognitively accesible?

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