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thanks no-thanks

May 8, 2018


This post was just shared about making math visual.   I was wondering about making exponents visual and … yea, they’ve got an example (well almost — one of the dice has a four, not a five, in a display of five groups of five dice with five displayed). Resisting reading it because I’m at the “synthesize […]

New computer

May 6, 2018


Took the thing to work and got online and … htere were updates.   Happily, the updates seem to have cured the bug about “incorrect security key.” Went to screencastomatic so I can screencast downloading GIMP to this computer. The sound quality seems rather good so I might not even use the mic I got with […]

Acer blues and Gimp happies

May 4, 2018


THis is a transparent file that will blend in to background…  yes, I took too much time on it b/c no, I’m not where I want to be in preparedness… but I have edited out the comparison to x times x being x squared (since I didn’t say that wasn’t an example of combining like […]

Landmark insights

May 4, 2018


Yesterday’s email included a link from Landmark School’s outreach about math  It includes this insight: Memory is strengthened by richness and logic of content. A student looking out the classroom window might mutter “dog” while observing a magnificent German short-haired pointer loping through a freshly poured cement sidewalk. Clearly, something is being missed in the translation. It […]


May 2, 2018


…. “I got a 98 on the exam!”    Roots and rationals.   Happy tears. 98 … on a …. math…. exam 🙂 🙂 Also, student in TRN 050 … *   this first semester in college went by faster; thought it would “drag,” but … it’s the right place to be.   This is, of course, someboyd […]