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Posted on May 31, 2018


Where can we do better with OER? Student Panel says: More & better use of interactivity. Making sure materials are cohesive, especially if they come from different sources. Quality of more complex visuals, charts and graphs. #NEOERSummit18

 I retweeted at the Rebus Community… yes, this is exactly exactly what I want to do w/ adult ed math.
       Had the Digital LEarning Lab gathering — great to talk to other folks doin’ stuff.   One of the other guys is going to the OER conference and presenting, about his dissertation which is about the diff quality btw big publisher and OER.   It was refreshing to hear him say that yes, there are big differences b/c … budgets.
        Have the 3 lessons to review from Power in Numbers, and a full week to do it.   I’ve got good ones 🙂
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