Half done!

Posted on May 25, 2018


Got The Exponents Curriculum Guide submitted to oercommons.org   — not without a bit of scrambling, and now I can only “import from Google Docs” from … the school laptop, not my desktop, not comptuers in the lab.  Good karma, I guess – I was only working from laptop b/c covering front desk.  Can’t delete the drafts from *any* computer; trying to remember what the different things that make buttons fail to respond are.

Haven’t gotten the Geogebra thing done tho’ it’s much further than halfway to the “minimum basic requirements” version.

Havent’ got the other project report in… but it’s started…  oh!  and … RESOURCES!

Connecting Representations:  Cubes  and Connecting Representations: Squares

These guys are just cubes,   just squares … for “just beginning!”  especially if the “routine” isn’t routine yet.   If it weren’t 4:40 Friday, I’d get started on making a library of cutouts of things that could be used for different versions of these.

Big happy because I also re-discovered that what with fast Internet, I can pull up my website, edit the code, and just see what it looks like live in a browser on the other monitor.   This means I’ve been able to upload and link to assorted things already so they’re somewhere besides “the cloud.”   (That said, I’m afraid that doing things that send any traffic to my site will mean bots of the world will also find it with bad things happening.  We’ll see.)   This weekend:   Re-discover how to do grids  …  and … start for real sharing 🙂


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