q u i e t 2 :)

Posted on May 21, 2018


Monday and very quiet… so!

Went to the YouTube captions for two of the three videos included in my exponents “curriculum guide.”     The YouTube captions are highly accurate, tho’ not 100%.   Lots of “Fours” were replaced with “for.”   I started contemplating … would it be better to use Arabic digits?   I think so.   I mostly did so.   Youtube doesn’t do capital letters or punctuation.

The editing process is mildly awesome (she said, being grateful to have been around long enough to appreciate how unfathomable any of this was Back In Her Day).   I can break the text chunks up by hitting the enter key.   I can drag the blocks that hold a text chunk to make them a little earlier or later, which matters when I’m talking and doing at the same time.   I can make better line breaks so things happen in phrases.
That said, I was good for one and most of a second sub-four-minute video, and then the brain started to fizzle.   It’s a little like intense driving — steering the text in the box, on the screen, and making text align right w/ video when it’s in another window. (You do get to “undo” if you crash, though…)

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