Deadlines :)

Posted on May 20, 2018


I’m looking at instructional routines and saw “quick images,” which is generally used for subitizing, but i’m thinking could be used for retrieval for skills like knowing 2^3 is 8.

Briefly cruised geogebra for figuring out how to do it, then remembered…. revisions are due Friday.   Much better to do a: the “paper version” of connecting representations  for assorted exponent expressions, then b:  see if I can figure oiut the Geogebra version of that b/c it would be an awesome template for lots of things.

That said, the flirtation led me to a “geogebra builder’s handbook” encouraging a person who wants to “level up” to dive in and share their tricks and tips.  It invites people to “join the club.”      So, I shall peruse it briefly.

Here’s another cool thing about really open stuff with really open infrastructure.   As he suggests, I can save myself a copy of this “book.”   I can be cynically confident that there are all kinds of club rules — but I don’t need to worry about them for this part.

(Still not doing too well on the focus.  Let’s change that now that it’s 2:00 and Cubs are playing.)

So, I’m going to leave said notebook after copying it to my stuff after reading that the book was inspired b/c there didn’t seem to be any info for people who wanted to build.

So, I foudn this after how long?   Now, maybe I’ll get into it and it’ll become clear why it hasn’t been shared broadlly.   I’ll not know today 🙂   (Maybe so.   It *seems*  from my brief perusal that it doesn’t have a lot of content.)

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