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Posted on May 18, 2018


Friday, nobody here!   Exams over!   Fighting desire to curl up like a hedgehog 🙂

Somebody tweeted that a math book had students add mixed numbers by changing them to improper, adding, then changing back.  Some disdain.

I said this was not as convoluted to the students as it seemed to them b/c converting to improper was automatic.  Response:  They had both explained, you see, that you could just use the commutative property and add the pieces.

Thing is, if they’re plowing through fractions like most folks do, then… one procedure is going to be more efficient  ( usually not in the best interests of the students, but it is more efficient).    I think the name of the program was “Big IDeas” and perhaps a common theme in it is boiling things down to minimal procedures to learn.

New response to me:   oh, is that like … doing 1000-1 with the algorithm…. yes 🙂

Other thing is, that whole “make it look and feel right” is really hard to do with a textbook.   Hmmm.   Hmmm.

Take-away from accessibility:   HTML  is the way to go.   w0ot!



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