That’s done :)

Posted on May 17, 2018


…. about ten folks in my session and I think it went well (we’ll see from evals tho’ I forgot to say I have a very strong ego so to please be honest but at least one had actual words on it).

The questions were all about the math instruction, not about the tech.   How *did* I get them to know conversions?  What was an example fo an exercise that had them retrieving from the paper, not theri brains?   I struggled w/ second and now I have a million answers… better one being “any time it’s too many steps so they’re just following them” instead of doing one, then working up and adding another….

I’d planned on having htem try GIMP/ Geogebra for a chunk of the time, then figured I’d do that at the end, and since questions were at 5:07 and end time was 5:15… (oh, and they stayed!)  … thing is I am not an instructor so I have to figure out how to work with that.


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